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Login Using Two Factor Authentication

How to Login to Workspace using Two Factor Authentication

Workspace is the first Loyola service to use two-factor authentication. In order to access Workspace, you will need to Enroll in Two Factor Authentication.

If this is your first visit to Workspace, make sure that “ad.loyola.edu” is selected in the “Select Your Domain” menu:

Click “Next.” You’ll then be taken over to the login page, which will ask you for your Loyola username and password:

Type those in and click “Log in”. The system will now ask you for your second factor, and you have 3 choices:

  • a “Push” notification sent to the app on your smartphone
  • using the app on your smartphone to generate a passcode
  • answering a phone call to your smartphone, mobile phone, or landline.

Using a Push Notification

The system will now ask you for your second factor, to use a Push notification, click the “Send me a Push” button.

The system will notify you that it has sent you a Push and is waiting for your response:

Check your phone. The Push should pop up there within a second or two. 

On an iPhone, from the lock screen you can just swipe left ON THE NOTIFICATION and it will allow you to approve the Push without having to unlock your phone and open the Duo app. Once you approve the Push, you’ll be logged in.


This passcode will be generated by the app on your smartphone and doesn’t require any internet connectivity or data use. Click the “Enter a Passcode” button on the login screen.

The system will indicate that it’s waiting for a passcode.

Now, open the Duo Mobile app on your phone. Next to where it says “Loyola University Maryland” you’ll see a key icon.

Tap the key icon, and the app will generate a six digit numeric code for you.

Take this code and type it in to the box on the login screen, and then click the green “Log In” button. These codes are time-sensitive, so you’ll need to generate a new code each time you log in, even if an old one is already displayed when you open the app.

Phone Call

Select the phone number you’d like to be called at in the dropdown menu and click the “Call Me” button on the login screen. You will then get a phone call from Duo at the number you selected with instructions on how to verify that it’s you. Once you complete verification, you’ll be logged in.