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WebCRD: Submit Jobs to Printing Services

WebCRD allows the Loyola community to send job requests to Printing Services via their computer.  If you have a print job such as flyers, banners, brochures, or any other professional print request, just print the file from within your program to your printer titled “Printing Services.”

Why is using WebCRD better than sending the file over email or other transfer mechanism?

Prior to now, you would email the document or use some other method to get it to Printing Services.  This caused issues with the incorrect file formats, missing fonts, etc.  Now, using WebCRD, you can submit your file straight to Printing Services right from the program you are in.  So if you are using Word, or Excel for example, you would go to File/Print, and then look for the Printing Services driver.  Using the system, an individual has the ability to choose the various print options that they want, see a real time print proof of what it will look like, and also get up to the minute pricing on their print job. The use of the system will ensure that users get the file printed exactly how they want it, with the right fonts, colors, and layout.

How to use WebCRD

When you are ready to submit your job, using your chosen application’s menu system, go to File/Print, and then look for the printer entitled "Printing Services".  You would hit print, and it would auto-generate your file into a PDF and upload it to the website.  A new window will open and you will need to log into the system using your Loyola username and password.  Once logged in, the website functions like a shopping cart where you pick all the print options for your file and also put in your GL number to handle the charges. There is a quick start guide on the home page with step by step instructions and screenshots.

Can I upload a file instead of using the file/print command?

If a person does not want to use the printer driver, they can go straight to the Printing Service Website and log in and then upload their file there.  All files must be in PDF format, so they would need to be convert first.