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Loyola Workspace

What is Loyola Workspace?

Loyola Workspace is a secure dashboard of university applications that can be accessed and run from most anywhere in the world with the same ubiquitous experience for all users.  Students, faculty, administrators, and staff will not need to have university applications installed on their machines, university-owned or otherwise.  Instead, anyone with a web browser and internet connection can access and use full desktop applications and access secure websites.

Why are we doing this?

Consumer technology devices have flooded our lives, providing new access and possibility.  The rate of app and device development has quickened pace alongside new and numerous security threats inherent to each.  Consequently, university IT departments are challenged to keep pace to provide functionality while maintaining security.  Loyola Workspace offers our community freedom to choose their own devices while strengthening our security.  It also allows IT staff to focus less on endpoint management and more on high-value opportunities to come in teaching, learning, student life, advancement, and business.

Features & Benefits of Loyola Workspace

  • Freedom to choose devices that meet faculty, student, admin/staff needs.
  • Enhanced security of Loyola's data
  • Access from anywhere in the world
  • Control application sprawl on Loyola devices
  • Manage software licensing better
  • Decrease operating costs while providing better service

Using Loyola Workspace

Visit the OTS Service Portal for instructions on how to use Loyola Workspace and how to download the Horizon client.