Loyola University Maryland

Technology Services

Welcome Back

Welcome back to our faculty members and students! Technology Services has put together a list of some of the  technology changes you might encounter this year at Loyola.

New Location
You may notice our offices have moved! The Student Technology Center is in Knott Hall 003, the Help Center moved to Knott Hall 107 and the Faculty Technology Center is occupying both Knott Hall 105 and 106. You’re welcome to come visit us whenever you’d like, to ask a question or stop by to say hello!

Enhanced Wireless Security
Over the summer HoundNet was made an encrypted network, which makes it more secure. Loyola owned devices connect to eHoundNet-FSA.  Employees and students can use HoundNet for their wireless needs on personally-owned devices. To connect to the network choose it from your list of available networks. You will be prompted to enter your Loyola username and password then to accept a security certificate.

Microsoft Office 2016
All Loyola owned Windows based computers in labs and classrooms have been upgraded to Office 2016. Office 2016 is being is now being phased in on office computers, both Mac and Windows.  For more information about what changes to expect to see in Office 2016 view our training materials.

Evergreen Card Deposit
If you need to add funds to your Evergreen account for purchases on campus the site has changed. Please visit the new website and enter your normal Loyola username and password to add to your account. 

Software Center
The Software Center is where you can go to install programs on your Loyola Windows computer. Programs that are currently available are: Adobe Creative Cloud, Skype, Audacity, iTunes, ImageNow and many more.

Loyola University is now part of the eduroam network, which means if a member of another participating university comes to Loyola they can connect to our wireless network. Likewise, if you visit another campus with eduroam available you can connect with your Loyola email address and password.

Dining Services App
FoodU and Tapingo are available for download through the Loyola App. These mobile applications will allow you to order food from the many dining locations on campus so it is ready for you to pick up at your desired time and give you information, such as menus and location hours.

Email Security: Being Safe
SPAM is a leading cause of security problems with e-mail.  As you use your Loyola e-mail, remember a few things:
•    Never tell anyone your password
•    Be mindful of who the sender is
•    Be careful of hyperlinks
Please note: Any email about Loyola technology will be sent by Client Services (ots@loyola.edu).