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Multilingual Students

Welcome to the Multilingual Student Resource Webpages!

These important pages were designed to offer our community links to offices, staff, resources, and scholarship that review approaches and data related to student achievement for multilingual learners. Please explore these tools on our student-focused and faculty-focused pages and reach out to listed university offices and staff to assist you with the resources and ideas described on these pages.

At Loyola University Maryland we are committed to the academic success of multilingual students and their continuing personal and professional growth and development. We understand that multilingual competence is a gift students, faculty, staff, guests, and administrators bring to learning and the broader intellectual community. Multilingual identity provides a rich lived experience that may deepen learning and provide context for more fully understanding our diverse world. Multilingualism is an asset!

We also understand that multilingual learners must not be relegated to a designated space or a few niche areas on campus. That is why you will find supports and resources for multilingual learners integrated within university divisions and offices across the entire campus. The entire Loyola campus belongs to all of us.

Please feel free to contact those listed on these pages should you have any questions or if you need assistance accessing campus resources or services.

If you have not already watched the video associated with these pages, please do so. Please accept that video as our warm and sincere welcome to you!

Cheryl Moore-Thomas, Ph.D.
Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

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