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The Study

Creating a Study Environment

Where you study is just as important as how often you study. Experts say students should study two hours for every credit hour per class. This means that students should study six hours per week for a three credit hour course. That is 24 hours a week for four three-credit courses. In order to achieve this study goal, students must have a place to study that helps them concentrate, feel comfortable, and stay alert.

  1. Be sure your study area has good lighting.
  2. Do not study where you will be distracted frequently.
  3. Do not study on the bed or with the TV on.
  4. If you listen to music while studying, be sure that it does not distract you.
  5. Eat healthy snacks that will give you energy.
  6. Avoid too much caffeine, sugar, and foods high in fat.
  7. Have all study aids easily accessible: highlighters, staplers, hole punch, dictionaries, thesaurus, ruler, etc.
  8. Keep your study area organized.