Loyola University Maryland

The Study

Spring To Do List

With spring break over and the first official day of spring coming up on March 20th, it’s time to get a to-do list for the remainder of the semester! Are you ready for the last few months of school?

  1. Get back on a good sleep schedule after spring break and daylight savings’ time
  2. Spend time outside, especially outside as the weather gets warmer!
  3. Self-care
  4. Update your planner and calendar for the rest of the semester – make sure to account for changes from snow days!
  5. Research summer internships – use the career center website as a reference
  6. Post-graduation applications (for seniors)
  7. Write down your goals for the rest of the semester
  8. Take a breath, you made it this far. Keep working hard and summer vacation will be here before you know it!