Loyola University Maryland

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Take Time for Yourself

When you are constantly surrounded by school and homework, clubs and work, your schedule can start to feel overwhelming. This is completely normal, do not worry! If you find yourself needing some time to re-center and focus your mind, read through this list and find what works for you. Always remember, taking the time to take care of yourself makes you a better student, employee, friend and family member.


Find a comfortable spot, whether that be in your dorm room, outside, or a quiet hideaway on campus. Write down whatever comes to your mind and do not censor yourself. Sometimes, the best way to decompress is to simply let your mind go and do its own thing!

Go for a walk by yourself

You may be surprised what you discover when you get some fresh air. Do not put in headphones or talk on the phone – simply listen to the world around you. The sounds of nature are an escape!


Not only does meditation help you find focus, it also is a great tool for relaxation. Take the time to find a quiet spot, close your eyes, focus on breathing and let your mind relax. Loyola’s Counseling Center is also a great place to learn more about.

Don’t be afraid to say “no”

If your schedule is starting to feel so packed that you can’t focus on self-care and the things that are important to you, don’t be afraid to turn something down. Have a relaxing night in, and prioritize the tasks that you want to prioritize.