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Preparing for Midterms

For many Loyola students, midterms are scheduled during the few weeks before spring break. If you have midterms coming up, check out the five tips below to help you prepare.

  1. Ask questions about what to expect. Midterms can vary from class to class: some cover the material since the beginning of the semester, while others more resemble unit tests. Midterms can also have different formats: multiple-choice exams, written responses, and more. Be sure to ask your professors what your midterms will cover and what formats they will take so that you can adapt your studying accordingly.
  2. Write down your schedule. There are many benefits to writing down your schedule, but two important ones are that you might be more likely to stick to it and you might become more efficient with your time. Use this block schedule to write down when you have class and other commitments. You can then plan how to fit your study sessions into the remaining time slots.
  3. Consider booking a tutoring appointment. Tutors can help you learn new class material and review older course concepts. Especially if you would like to revisit topics from the beginning of the semester, think about asking for a flipped tutoring appointment. In a flipped appointment, you explain a subject to a tutor. Then, you and the tutor work together to develop your understanding of that subject. You can request a tutor and note your interest in a flipped appointment through our Undergraduate Peer Tutoring webpage.
  4. Pay attention to your wellbeing. As you prepare for your midterms, remember to check in on how you feel from time to time. If you are tired, hungry, or sick, you will not be able to study as effectively as you would otherwise. Aim to sleep in multiples of 90 minutes so that your body can complete full sleep cycles and you can wake up more refreshed. Also try to eat meals that contain a lot of proteins and vitamins so that you can feel more energized.
  5. Attend The Study’s Academic Study Skills Workshops. While midterms might seem like ends in themselves, they are also an opportunity for you and your professors to assess your progress in your classes. If there are academic study skills, such as time management and note taking, that you would like to strengthen either before or after midterms, consider attending a workshop at The Study. For a list of workshops and instructions about registering, go to our Workshops webpage.