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The Study

Being Successful in Online Classes

Now that classes have been online for a few weeks, you might be starting to feel more comfortable in this new learning environment. To continue boosting your confidence and success during the last several weeks of the semester, try these tips:

  • Be engaged. Asking questions, giving answers, and finding other ways to engage in classroom discussions is always important but especially so in an online setting. However much you have been engaging in your online classes, look for opportunities—optional readings, independent research, etc.—to become further involved.
  • Return to your routines. What study activities did you have in your schedule before the transition to online classes? Whether you held study sessions with friends or booked tutoring appointments through The Study, look for creative ways that you can bring these activities back into your routine.
  • Plan ahead. When there are many changes going on around you, it can be challenging to plan ahead. Now, however, you might find it easier to plan out the rest of your semester. Review your syllabi or speak with your professors to identify what assignments you still have this semester and when they are due. Then, create a calendar with your due dates and write out steps for how you will meet each one.