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Counting Down to Finals

In about a month’s time, we’ll already be at finals. Yes, it’s true: the last day of classes will be Friday, December 10, and finals will begin the following Monday, December 13. While that might seem like a long time from now, it’ll be here before you know it, so read on for four tips to help you prepare for the finals season ahead.

Studying around Halloween

It’s almost Halloween! While Halloween is usually an exciting time for people of all ages, you might have one concern about it this year: it falls on a Sunday, when many students typically do their homework. To help you navigate this tricky (or treaty!) situation, we have three time-management tips.

Maximizing Your Fall Break

You’ve made it to Fall Break! To help you make the most of the long weekend ahead, we’ve compiled some tips for relaxing after the first half of the semester and preparing for the second half.

Staying in the Know

You might be familiar with The Study’s website by now (you’re reading this blog post on it, after all!), but did you know that there are other—and, in some cases, new!—ways to get updates from us? Read on for all the places you can find and connect with us online.

Having a Productive—but Still Fun!—Summer

Congrats—you’ve finished the spring semester and made it to summer break! Hopefully, you’ve took some time since submitting your finals to rest and relax. While summer is great for unwinding and recharging, it’s also a chance to pursue projects and other activities that you might not have time for during the school year. Read on for four ideas to consider if you’re wondering how you can have a productive, yet still fun, summer.

Pushing through to the End of Finals

You’ve made it: the week before finals! It’s been a long semester, but it’s not time to relax just yet. With exams, papers, and other assignments still due during the next few weeks, it’s important to stay energized and focused. Read on for five tips for how you can push through to the end of finals.

Preparing Now for Next Semester

Tomorrow, students in the class of 2024 will register for their fall 2021 courses. While upperclassmen have already registered for their courses, there are some considerations that all students should make between now and the beginning of the fall semester.

Finishing the Semester Strong

There’s just about a month left in the semester—can you believe it? To help you finish strong, we’ve compiled our best tips.

Studying Together

Last week marked a year since the COVID-19 pandemic began and we first shifted to online learning. Because these changes have affected how—and how often—we interact with people, it’s important to find ways to engage with others safely. Read on for ideas for how you can study, an activity often done alone, with classmates and friends.

Requesting Coaching Services

Did you know that The Study offers coaching services? Like the workshops, coaching is available for free to all undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at Loyola. Read on for more information about our two coaching services.

Registering for Academic Success Workshops

Did you know The Study holds workshops on a variety of academic topics, such as exploring learning styles, avoiding test stress and anxiety, and more? All of the workshops are free for undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at Loyola! Read on for this semester's workshop schedule including all nine topics.

Having a Productive Snow Day

Today is another snow day for Loyola students, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still be productive! Read on for three tips to make the most of today and any snow days ahead.