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Finishing the Semester Strong

There’s just about a month left in the semester—can you believe it? To help you finish strong, we’ve compiled our best tips below.

  1. Get a sense of the time. We said there’s just about a month left, but what does really mean? Try to think about the remainder of the semester less in terms of abstract time and more in terms of concrete deadlines. In other words, ask yourself: what assignments do I still need to complete, and when should they be submitted by?
  2. Check your syllabi and course calendars. The answer to that last question might not be top of mind for you—and that’s OK! That’s what syllabi and course calendars are for. Review these items for your classes to identify any outstanding assignments and their due dates. Make a list along the way so that you can add them to your planner later.
  3. Pause before planning. While it can be easy to simply add assignments and their due dates to your planner and begin working on the first one, it can be helpful to take a moment to look at the full picture. Ask yourself: do I have any deadlines that overlap? Are there any long-term assignments that need my attention soon—or now? Which assignments might take a lot of time to finish and which ones might not? Depending on the answers to these questions, you might find that it’s better to work on a different assignment than you originally thought.
  4. Pace yourself. If there were ever a best time to use the saying “It’s a marathon, not a sprint,” it might just be this point in the spring semester. You’ve worked so hard this school year that you might be wishing that you could fast-forward to summer break. However, the next few weeks are your chance to continue demonstrating what you’ve learned this semester to earn your final grade. To help you do the best that you can, be sure to pace yourself: take breaks when you need them; practice self-care; and, most importantly, remember that you’ve got this!