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Having a Productive—but Still Fun!—Summer

Congrats—you’ve finished the spring semester and made it to summer break! Hopefully, you’ve took some time since submitting your finals to rest and relax. While summer is great for unwinding and recharging, it’s also a chance to pursue projects and other activities that you might not have time for during the school year. Here are four ideas to consider if you’re wondering how you can have a productive, yet still fun, summer:

  1. Apply for a job or internship. Many summer job and internship positions are filled in the winter and spring (a tip to keep in mind for next year!), but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any opportunities remaining! See what businesses are hiring in your area. Also look into possible remote work options, particularly as some offices are continuing to operate fully online or in a hybrid format.
  2. Research graduate schools. Have you ever thought about attending graduate school? Take some time this summer to explore your options. Certainly, you can research programs online, but you might also be able to schedule campus visits. Be sure to check with each school about its visitation policies.
  3. Prepare for entrance and other exams. Particularly for students who plan to attend graduate programs, there might be entrance exams, like the GRE or MCAT, to study for. There might also be certification exams for students who intend to work in a particular field after graduation. Get a head start on preparing for any exams you might have to take by reading a few study guides this summer.
  4. Learn a new skill. What’s a skill that you’d like to have and/or that might be relevant to your future career? Take some time to reflect on your interests and courses you have taken in your major to see if any ideas to come to mind. Once you’ve decided on a skill, start developing your expertise by researching it online, reading books about it, and taking advantage of other available resources. By the end of the summer, you’ll have come a long way with your newfound knowledge!