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Preparing Now for Next Semester

Tomorrow, students in the class of 2024 will register for their fall 2021 courses. While upperclassmen have already registered for their courses, there are some considerations that all students should make between now and the beginning of the fall semester. Here are four tasks to add to your to-do list so that you can be prepared for your fall courses:

  1. Talk to your advisor. You likely spoke with your advisor before receiving permission to register for your fall courses. However, particularly if you discussed multiple registration options together, it can be helpful to let your advisor know which one(s) you ultimately went with. Your advisor might then be able to suggest which courses to plan to take next spring and offer other recommendations and insights. 
  2. Check in with your friends and classmates. Ask your peers if they’ve taken the courses you’ve registered for. If so, see what tips they have based on their experiences. For example, are there any readings that you could do this summer to inform your understanding of the courses that you’ll be taking?
  3. Gauge your course load. Although you won’t know for sure until you’ve settled into your courses, try to assess now how demanding your fall schedule will likely be. For instance, if you’ve registered for five science courses with labs, you can reasonably assume that you’ll be at least somewhat busy and, perhaps, have less time for extracurriculars. This estimation is important not only for your mental preparation but also because some opportunities, such as becoming a peer tutor, must be applied to before the semester begins. 
  4. Identify any support you might need. If you’re anticipating a challenging semester ahead, no need to worry: help is available! The Study typically has tutors for most courses taught at Loyola, but you are also welcome to contact us about any courses you’re concerned about, and we’ll make sure we have a tutor for you. You can also sign up for our other services, such as coaching and workshops, to ensure that you have the skills and mindset that you need to succeed!