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Having a Productive Snow Day

Today is another snow day for Loyola students, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still be productive! Here are three tips to make the most of today and any snow days ahead:

  1. Enjoy the snow. Snow is exciting, so it can easily become a distraction while you’re working if you don’t spend some time enjoying it first. Consider taking a walk in it, watching it fall outside your window, or finding some other way to experience it. Once you’re done, return to your assignments and studying as you’ll likely be able to focus on them better.
  2. Sit by the window. While it’s difficult to work outside in the snow, being near a window can offer similar benefits. If your desk isn’t already positioned close to a window, try setting up a temporary workstation by one. That way, you can have a view of the snow as you’re working and taking breaks.
  3. Have a treat. If you’re used to drinking coffee while you work, consider swapping it out for a more seasonal beverage, such as hot chocolate or tea. A small treat like one of these can help sustain your energy and make the snow day feel special even as you work!