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Pushing through to the End of Finals

You’ve made it: the week before finals! It’s been a long semester, but it’s not time to relax just yet. With exams, papers, and other assignments still due during the next few weeks, it’s important to stay energized and focused. Read on for five tips for how you can push through to the end of finals. 

  1. Congratulate yourself. While the semester isn’t over yet, you’ve still made it this far, and that’s an accomplishment worth celebrating! Spend an hour indulging in self-care, making a special meal, or doing another fun activity as a reward for your hard work this semester.
  2. Prioritize sleep. It can be tempting to pull all-nighters in an effort to be more prepared for finals. However, you’re less likely to perform at your best if you’re tired. To ensure that you’re well rested, set aside at least seven to nine hours every day in your schedule for sleeping. (Bonus tip: aim to sleep uninterrupted at or around the same time every day to maintain your circadian rhythm.)
  3. Eat well. Similar to the last tip, it’s harder to perform at your best if you haven’t eaten nutritious foods. Try to eat healthy meals containing ingredients from multiple food groups. Also remember to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. 
  4. Practice self-care. Even if you took our suggestion before to celebrate making it to finals by indulging in self-care, it’s important to continue practicing self-care during finals (and beyond!). Aim to set aside however much time works for you—10 minutes every hour, an hour every day, etc. Then, spend that time doing an activity that helps you unwind and refresh, whether that be meditation, yoga, or something else.
  5. Congratulate yourself (again!). Finals can be stressful and taxing, so remember to acknowledge your successes along the way. By celebrating when you start a project, submit a paper, or reach another milestone, you’ll recognize your progress and feel more motivated to carry on.

Good luck with your finals, Greyhounds!