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Looking Ahead to Finals

In about a month’s time, we’ll already be at finals. Yes, it’s true: the last day of classes will be Monday, December 12, and finals will begin on Wednesday, December 14. While that might seem like a long time from now, it’ll be here before you know it, so here are four tips to help you prepare for the finals season ahead:

  1. Identify your assignments and deadlines. We’re not just talking about your finals here; it’s also important to determine what other schoolwork will be due before then. Review your syllabi or speak with your professors to find out what essays, projects, and other major assignments will be coming up and when they must be submitted during the next few weeks. See if you can also learn what format your finals will take and confirm their due dates against Loyola’s final exam schedule and your syllabi. 
  2. Create a calendar of your findingsOne of the hardest parts of finals season is juggling the number of responsibilities that you have at that time. To make managing them easier, add your deadlines to a calendar that’s somewhere you can readily access it, whether that be at your desk, on your laptop, or someplace else. For added organization, consider color-coordinating your assignments by class and/or incorporating our next tip below!
  3. Block out your time. Although it’s certainly helpful to know when different assignments are due, it’s equally crucial to set aside sufficient time to work on them in advance. Try to gauge how long each of your assignments will take to complete and when you should begin working on them based on their due dates. Then, just before blocking that time off on your calendar, add a buffer—for example, a day or two—in case you run into any issues along the way. You’ll thank yourself in the future if you end up needing that time or if you can put it toward something else, like our next tip.
  4. Remember self-care. It can be so easy to get caught up in the stress of preparing for the end of the semester and finals. However, you won’t be able to carry out your plans as effectively if you’re not sleeping, eating, or feeling well. As much as possible, be sure to keep a consistent sleeping schedule, eat from a variety of food groups, and spend time relaxing each day. All of these practices will go a long way to helping you do your best!