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Planning Your Fall Break

You’ve almost made it to Fall Break! To help you make the most of the long weekend ahead, we’ve compiled some tips for relaxing after the first half of the semester and preparing for the second half:

  1. Disconnect. While it’s important to check emails and other forms of communication regularly during the semester to ensure that you don’t miss any announcements or other information, it can help your mental health to take a break from them when you can. Consider limiting your checks to only once or twice a day this weekend so that you’re still aware of any significant happenings but you can also focus on other, more rejuvenating, activities.
  2. Unwind. Speaking of rejuvenating activities, consider what helps you feel refreshed. Is it long walks, family get-togethers, or something else? As much as you can, try to make time for whatever it is you’d like to do this weekend, particularly if it’s difficult to fit it in during the semester.
  3. Reflect. Reaching Fall Break is no small feat, especially because it means you’ve successfully finished the first half of the semester. However, there’s still the second half left to go, so it’s not time to come to a full stop just yet. Perhaps toward the end of this weekend, spend some time reflecting on the semester you’ve had so far and the way you’d like it to end. Of course, if you determine that some extra academic support would be useful, The Study is here to help with free tutoringcoaching, and workshops!