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Planning Your Spring Break

It’s almost spring break! What do you have planned? Read on for some ideas for how to spend your week off!

  1. Rest and relax! You’ve worked hard the past several weeks, so it’s important to take a break when you can to prevent burnout later this semester. Sleep in, hang out with family and friends, or do something else that will help you feel refreshed when you return after break.
  2. Look for internships and jobs. It might seem early, but spring break is a great time to look for work opportunities for the summer. Plus, if you’re hoping to land a position in your hometown, you’ll be able to attend any in-person interviews more easily while home during break.
  3. Assess the semester. Perhaps closer to the end of spring break, set aside some time to take stock of where you are in the semester. What exams and projects do you have coming up? Are your grades where you’d like them to be? Which services through The Study can help you?

Enjoy your spring break, Hounds! We look forward to seeing you again when you return!