Loyola University Maryland

The Study

Preparing for Course Registration

Course registration for the fall 2022 semester starts as early as next week for some students—are you ready? Get ready with these tips!

  1. Review all important information. This webpage contains everything you need to know about when and how to register for your courses. If you have any questions, be sure to read it carefully!
  2. Reflect on this semester. What courses are you currently taking? What courses do you still need to take to complete your major(s), minor(s), and core? If you need to take any courses that build upon each other, such as SN*102 Introductory Spanish II and SN*103 Intermediate Spanish I, it can help to enroll in them in consecutive semesters so that you don’t forget any important concepts!
  3. Plan for next semester. Once you’ve registered for your courses for next semester, think about if there are any that you might need support for. If so, contact The Study to let us know the course numbers. We can then try to have tutors ready for you if you need some!

Good luck with your course registration, Hounds!