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Starting Smart This Semester

You might have heard of “Smart Start,” Loyola’s plan for the first two weeks of the semester. But in addition to following best practices for keeping everyone healthy and safe, there are more ways that you can start smart this semester. Read on for three tips that you can apply to your academics. 

  1. Finalize your schedule. The first week of the semester is a great time to test out classes and other activities to see what’s the right fit for you. So don’t rush yourself; instead, just be mindful of the add/drop deadline on January 21 and any other relevant cut-off dates. And, if you decide that you’re happy with your schedule early, that’s good news—you’re ready for the next tip!
  2. Create a routine. Once you’ve figured out your class schedule and other fixed commitments, it’s important to give some structure to your remaining time. For example, if you have a break between your classes from 12 to 2 p.m., how can you improve your chances of using that time effectively? Perhaps, you could plan to spend the first hour eating lunch and the second one reviewing your notes for your afternoon classes. Since you would need to eat lunch and review your notes most days, creating a routine like this will ensure that you do both.
  3. Assess your study habits. This tip sounds like it might be tough, but it doesn’t have to be! Reflect on how you’ve studied during past semesters: what worked well, and what could be done better? Celebrate your successes and seek help for your opportunities for improvement. The Study offers one-on-one coaching and group workshops related to study skills, and your professors can offer additional support during office hours. 

Here’s to a smart start for an even stronger semester!