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Studying around Halloween

It’s almost Halloween! While Halloween is usually an exciting time for people of all ages, you might have one concern about it this year: it falls on a Monday, when many students have class and homework. To help you navigate this tricky (or treaty!) situation, we have three time-management tips:

  1. Flip your usual weekend plans. No surprises here—you probably saw this suggestion coming! Instead of leaving assignments to complete on Monday, plan to do them this weekend so that you have Monday free! 
  2. Celebrate on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Since there aren’t classes the next day, Friday and Saturday might give you a better opportunity to participate in any Halloween-related festivities. Sunday is also an option since there aren’t any classes that day. You can then focus on your schoolwork on Monday as normal, helping you keep a consistent schedule (which is a great time-management tip in general!).
  3. Have some Halloween fun while you work. There’s no rule saying you can’t observe Halloween and complete assignments at the same time! Simply scale back your celebrations by wearing a costume; eating candy; or doing another small, Halloween-related activity that’ll let you enjoy the holiday while still being productive.