Loyola University Maryland

The Study

Studying in the Sun

It might not feel like it this week between the snow and the rain, but it’s officially spring, which means more sunny days are on their way! To make the most of them while staying on top of your assignments, take these three tips! 

  1. Study outdoors or by an open window. The Humanities porch is a popular study spot when the weather is warm, but you can also recreate the experience from your own dorm! Simply set up your desk or another workstation by a window to enjoy the sun’s rays as you work. 
  2. Take classes from outside. Have you tried the outdoor classroom outside the Fernandez Center? If not, ask one of your professors if your class can reserve it one day. If you have any online classes, you can also try joining from The Quad or another place on campus, thanks to Loyola’s new outdoor Wi-Fi.
  3. Work ahead of schedule. If you have any assignments that aren’t due for a while but can be done now, try to finish them sooner rather than later. That way, when the weather is nicer, you can spend time outside having fun and not need to worry about your assignments. 

Here’s to sunnier days, Hounds!