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Every year, The Career Center conducts a Follow-Up Survey with each undergraduate graduating class. Studies of this nature are conducted in order to determine to what degree graduates are successful in achieving their post-graduation career objectives.  

The survey is typically completed 6-9 months after graduation, and graduates are contacted via email and phone to complete the survey. Special efforts are made each year to contact graduates who are still seeking employment and to invite them to use the services of The Career Center, as this is a free, ongoing service provided to our alumni.

The following information is provided from the survey on the Undergraduate Class of 2012:


  • The response rate was approximately 80%, with 724 out of 907 graduating seniors responding.
  • Overall, approximately 91% of graduates utilized The Career Center's services.
  • Both the liberal arts and business backgrounds have allowed the graduates to successfully enter a variety of career fields.

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  • Roughly 79% of the graduates are employed either full-time or part-time.
  • Approximately 21% of the graduates are in graduate/professional school either full-time or part-time.
  • Around 5% of the graduates are both working and attending graduate/professional school.
  • The percentage of students seeking employment was 3.3%.

For a sample of companies that employed 2012 Loyola graduates and graduate/professional schools where 2012 Loyola graduates have enrolled, click here.

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