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Learning never ends and neither does your career development! This process is a lifetime activity that includes assessing one's interests, searching for and obtaining internships and work experiences, obtaining full-time employment, applying to graduate/professional schools, and even changing careers. The following are some tips to help you get started:

  • Develop a Resume of Honors / Achievements, Activities, and Experiences
This resume, often required within college applications, can be further developed and later used when applying to part-time jobs, volunteer work, internships, and ultimately full-time jobs.

  • Get Involved in Extracurricular Activities, and Volunteer / Community Service
Admissions' offices look for active students who, upon admission to college, will continue to stay involved and add to the campus and surrounding community.

  • Evaluate your Personal and Professional Goals
Assess your goals in terms of short- and long-range goals, but focusing on what and where you would like to be post-high school and even post-college. In this day and age, post-high school education and training is critical! Discuss your tentative goals with counselors, teachers, and family and seek their input and advice.

  • Explore Career Options and Gather Information
Talk with your high school advisor, teachers, college career center's, professors and professionals in the field to gain career-related information. Conducting these informational interviews will help you explore careers that are of interest to you. Gather materials on different occupations to learn what education, skills, training, and experience is necessary to be successful.

  • Obtain Admission Requirements and Visit Colleges
Request admission requirements (e.g. application, fees, SAT scores, personal essays) from prospective schools. Collect college catalogues and other materials. Visit your prospective colleges by attending open house events or plan your own visit and tour.

How can Loyola's Career Center help you?

Would you like to browse some of our internship and job opportunities?

HireLOYOLA is our a web-based system which allows students to register information with The Career Center, develop and upload resumes and cover letters, select on-campus interview times, and search for jobs and internships. For browsing purposes, please contact The Career Center at 410-617-2232 for a username and password.

Want to know where our students go after graduating college?

Review our post-Loyola statistics from our most recent class of Loyola graduates and view sample of employers and graduate/professional schools at which Loyola graduates have continued after graduation.

Want to know what you can do with a Loyola major?

View our "What Can I Do With A Major In...?" worksheets to learn about career options for each major.

Please browse the website for more information and to learn about the resources offered to Loyola students and alumni. Questions? Contact The Career Center at 410-617-2232.

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