Loyola University Maryland

Title IX

Reporting Resources

Loyola University Maryland encourages all individuals to report any instance of sexual assault, misconduct or harassment. Reports can be filed by using any of the resources below:

Confidential* Reporting Options 

Counseling Center for students: (410) 617-2273
Student Health Center: (410) 671-5055
Employee Assistance Program (EAP): (800) 765-0770
Sexual Violence Prevention, Education and Response Coordinator:
(410) 617-6769/mklees@loyola.edu
Off campus victim advocacy center: TurnAround, Inc. (443) 279-0379

*Confidentiality cannot be guaranteed if there is an imminent threat to health and safety. 

Non-Confidential Reporting Options

Kathleen Parnell: Title IX Coordinator (410) 617-1350; kparnell@loyola.edu
Katsura Kurita: Title IX Deputy for Students (410) 617-5646; kkurita@loyola.edu
Karen Feeley: Director of Employee Engagement: Title IX Deputy for Faculty and Staff (410) 617- 1345; kafeeley@loyola.edu

Contact Public Safety:
24-hour Dispatch Emergency Number: 410-617-5911
24-hour Dispatch Non-Emergency Number: 410-617-5010

Reports related to sexual and gender-based misconduct, submitted through the reporting options below, does not constitute a formal complaint under the Harassment and Discrimination Policy and Procedures. 

  • Bias Report (tool for students to anonymously report bias related behavior) 
  • EthicsPoint report (tool for the Loyola community to anonymously report behaviors in violation of the law or University policy)
  • Anonymous report form (tool for anonymously reporting any incident a member of the campus community has witnessed)