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The transition to college can be both exciting and challenging! For many students, coming to Loyola means finding out what college and life are really about. How much do you need to study? How do you get involved? How do you meet new friends, resolve roommate conflicts, or even manage the financial burdens that college can put on your family? 

We know that dealing with these issues can be stressful and that even finding the right resources can feel overwhelming. The goal of this site it to give you the resources you need to help you get the most out of your time at Loyola and make your experience a positive one.

Explore the topics below to see what resources Loyola has to help you address some of the concerns that you may be having:

See what other students say about their transitions to college:

Cory Hudson, senior

"Am I the only one struggling to fit in and adapt to college life?"

Deborah Gbadamosi, junior

"What should I do if I'm having a difficult time in and/or outside the classroom?"

Chika Dunga, senior

"How will the friends I choose influence my experience?"

Mike Mangino, senior

"How do I meet a diverse group of people who have similar interests to mine?"

Annie Bolan, recent graduate

"How will this advice help my personal, academic, and professional development?"