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Academics at Loyola can be tough, rigorous, and very different from high school. There are many challenges facing you as you start your college career – and it can be more than just struggling with classes. Loyola provides excellent services for students to help them experience strong academic careers. Some common concerns we have heard from students include:

I am worried about picking a major because I don’t know what I will do with it when I graduate.

After deciding what college to go to, choosing a major is the next biggest decision you will make! At Loyola, we offer 35 majors and 47 minors, but knowing exactly what you will do with your selected major is just as important as liking the classes. The Career Center at Loyola has many resources to help you answer that question, and you can also see what people with the same major are doing now.

Use the links below to learn more about the majors and minors Loyola offers:

The academic experience is not what expected! I would like more intellectual engagement inside and outside of the classroom.

Students come to college with a variety of expectations of what the experience will be like. Many students are surprised at how hard college can be, but many have higher expectations. If you are looking for opportunities to connect with other students who seek out academic challenges, there are many opportunities at Loyola such as:

I’m struggling academically. Where can I go for help?

Many students find that studying in college is very different from studying in high school. Often times, the study habits that helped them to do well in high school don’t work as well in college. It usually takes a while to get the hang of preparing for exams and writing college-level papers.

At Loyola, we offer many resources to help students succeed academically. Your professors are available to help you to get the most out of their classes. Visiting them during their office hours might be just the thing you need to get back on track. Also, all students have an academic advisor who is there to help point you in the right direction and navigate your academic path.

Additional resources include:

  • The Study;
    Did you know about the Study in Jenkins Hall? The Study is located on the third floor of Jenkins and is home to loads of academic support resources including tutors, workshops for topics like time management and learning styles, and just a quiet place to study!
  • The Writing Center;
    The Loyola Writing Center is here to help with your writing at any phase of the project. Are you having a hard time figuring out how to start a paper? Hitting a roadblock in the middle? Need someone to help with the final stage of revisions? Visit the Writing Center.
  • The Academic Advising Support Center and;
    The Academic Advising Support Center (AASC) provides student resources for academic support, including assistance for students who are struggling academically, services for students with learning disabilities, core and major advisor support, handling of issues related to major declaration, course registration/addition/withdrawal, and pre-approval of summer transfer courses.
  • Disability Support Services
    The Office of Disability Support Services (DSS) provides support and accommodations for students with a documented disability, including note-takers, books in alternative format, testing modifications, housing modifications, and organizational coaching.

I need help managing my time and improving my study skills.

Loyola offers many resources to help with improving your academic skills, such as:

  • Academic study skills workshops
    These workshops are sponsored by the Study and cover topics like effective note taking, exploring your learning style, strategies for improving your memory, test taking tips and time management, and more. Check their schedule to see what is being offered this semester!
  • Additional Resources
    Can’t wait for a workshop? Check out these online resources for topics like time management, ending procrastination, delivering presentations, taking notes, and more.