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Dean of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies and Class Deans

When Should I Contact my Class Dean?

Your class dean will be a valuable resource for you at Loyola, who will help you make the most of your undergraduate experience. Some situations in which it might be especially useful to contact them include:

  • You would like advice about acclimating to life at Loyola
  • You are interested in finding a mentor
  • You are experiencing a medical problem or life events that are interfering with your academics
  • You would like to let us know about a meaningful Loyola experience you have had
  • You have a question or concern about an academic policy
  • You would like to withdraw from a Messina class or change your course pairing between Fall and Spring semesters
  • You are having a conflict with a faculty member
  • You are seeking an extended excused absence

To schedule an appointment with your class dean, please contact us by telephone or email:

Dr. Natka Bianchini
Class Dean, Class of 2019
(410) 617-2849

Dr. Arthur Sutherland
Class Dean, Class of 2020
(410) 617-2849

Dr. Birgit Albrecht
Class Dean, Class of 2021
(410) 617-2849

Dr. Lisa Oberbroeckling
Class Dean, Class of 2022
(410) 617-2849

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