Loyola University Maryland

Office of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies

Where Should I Go?

Useful Offices

Academic Advising and Support Center: Maryland Hall 138
Class deans: Maryland Hall 145
The Career Center: DeChiaro College Center (Ground Floor, West Wing)
Disability Support Services: Newman Towers, West 107
International Programs: Humanities 132
National Fellowships: Donnelly Science 147
Student Activities: Andrew White Student Center 311 (Room E)
Student Administrative Services: Maryland Hall 140
Student Health and Education Services: Seton Court 02a
The Study: Jenkins Hall (Third Floor)
The Writing Center: Maryland Hall 057

Classes & Academic Support

I would like to receive an Incomplete in one of my classes.

Students should first contact their instructor prior to the final exam to discuss this option. See our FAQ page for more information.

I need to take a leave of absence.

Students are able to take a leave of absence for personal or medical reasons, or to study abroad. The student should contact the Academic Advising and Support Center (AASC) at 410-617-5050 or at aasc@loyola.edu.  If you cannot meet with her in person to sign the paperwork, then you will need to send your request for a leave of absence with your signature on it, the type of leave (personal or medical) and the length of time for your leave by fax or email to either the office of the Dean of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies or the AASC. See our FAQ page for more information.

I will be missing several classes due to illness/hospitalization/family emergency.

Students should contact their class dean.

I would like more information about the registration process and deadlines, course planning, placement testing, or receiving credit for AP/IB/college courses taken in high school.

I want to know what courses are available/required for my major.

Visit Loyola’s Academics page for a full list of all programs available, or the Course Catalog for information about individual course offerings.

I want to ask about an exception to the normal course of study, college policy, or need further advice on my academic plan, a possible course of study, or I have a question about an academic requirement.

Students can contact their class dean to discuss academic plans and policies. The Academic Advising and Support Center or The Career Center are also valuable resources for students who are exploring their academic options at Loyola.

I need information regarding accommodations for documented learning disabilities.

Loyola students looking for assistance for learning disabilities should contact Marcia Wiedefeld in Disability Support Services, or Leslie Chiles in the Academic Advising and Support Center.

I am not doing well in one of my classes.

The Study offers academic support to students in all subjects.

I want to enroll in more than five courses in a semester.

To take a sixth course, the student must fill out a Sixth Course Form and have their advisor sign it; the form must then be submitted after the initial registration period for the coming semester.

I would like to withdraw from a course.

Students may withdraw from a course upon the advice and approval of the instructor of the course, the faculty advisor, their class dean, and/or a member of the Academic Advising and Support Center.

Enriching my Loyola Experience

I have an idea about a new club.

Visit the Student Activities site for more information.

I want to learn how to get involved in organizations and activities currently offered at Loyola

I’m thinking about studying abroad.

Students should visit the International Programs office located in Humanities 132 to learn more about the programs offered at Loyola.

I’m thinking about applying for a scholarship or fellowship opportunity.

I would like to do original research.

Contact the National Fellowships office for research-related opportunities, or talk to a Loyola professor in your research field or your class dean for ideas on how to get started with your project. 

Physical or Mental Health Issues

I am sick and need health care

Student Health and Education Services offers free clinical services for undergraduate students for acute, short-term medical problems, as well as urgent problem visits and referrals for more serious issues. Visit their website for more detailed information about their services.

I am having emotional issues that are impacting my ability to function well.

The Counseling Center offers free services to students who need support.

I will be missing several classes due to illness/hospitalization/family emergency.

The student should contact their class dean. 

Financial Issues

I need to pay my balance.

Visit Student Administrative Services located in Maryland Hall 140.

I’m withdrawing from a course and want to know more about the refund policy at Loyola.

For information about Loyola's tuition refund policy, please visit the withdrawal page on the records department website.

For information about Loyola's federal financial aid refund policy, please visit the Financial Aid office, or the FFA refund page on the financial aid office website.

Employment & Planning for the Future

I’m ready to declare my major and/or minor, or apply to graduate.

Visit the Academic Advising and Support Center to find all the necessary forms.

I need information about deciding on a major, career advising, job search preparation, and career fairs and special programs for students and alumni.

The Career Center provides advising and assistance for everything from deciding on a major to your job search after graduation. Students can also visit their class dean for additional guidance and support. 

I would like to find an internship or job for the academic year, during the summer, or after graduation.

National Fellowships provides information and guidance regarding a variety of scholarship and fellowship opportunities.

Through programs such as Health Outreach Baltimore, Pre-Health Programs offers students the opportunity to gain experience in the health care field through opportunities in Loyola and around the world. They also provide assistance to students who are interested in applying to medical school after graduation.

The Career Center posts off-campus employment and internship opportunities, and offers other services such as individual advising sessions to get help with resume-writing, exploring careers, and applying to graduate school, and the Office of Financial Aid offers work study programs for students at Loyola.

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