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The Writing Center


The Writing Center Writing Citation Wellness Clinic (WC3) 
Date: Every Monday & Tuesday from 4 - 5 p.m.  
Instructor: Prof. Micer 

Prof. Micer will provide a safe, online space where students can drop in to review formatting, use, and/or development of academic citations. Among other things, students can drop in to learn how to use hyperlinks in Word to create linked citations; get paraphrasing advice; and refresh the 3 rules of thumb to avoid plagiarism. 

No appointment necessary.

Zoom link: https://loyola.zoom.us/j/6143764434  

How to Notice: The Art of the Significant Detail
Date: Monday 10/5, 3:00-4:30 p.m.   
Instructor: Helen Hofling 

As writers, one of our greatest tools is our ability to notice things about the world around us, to use our observations to communicate our own particular ways of seeing. In this workshop, we will practice using concrete, specific detail to engage readers and anchor complex inquiry. We will find sources of creative inspiration and reflection in the ordinary, translating brief ideas and impressions into rich writing material.
No prior writing experience is necessary. This workshop is for everyone and is designed to support all kinds of writing, whether you are interested in refining your abilities in poetry, fiction, nonfiction, academic writing, or professional writing. Expect a 1-hour guided writing activity, followed by (an optional) 30 minutes for practice and Q&A.  
To sign up or enquire: hehofling[@]loyola.edu
Zoom link: https://loyola.zoom.us/my/helenhofling  

Erasure Poetry: Writing as Removal  
Date: Monday 11/2, 3:00-4:30 p.m.  
Instructor: Helen Hofling 

Erasure poems are made by redacting portions of an existing text, creating a poem from what remains. They are fun and simple to make and can yield unexpected, visually satisfying results. Your source text can be anything, so this is a practice that you can return to whenever you want using materials you have around the house, and once you get started, the possibilities are endless. You might transform a piece of junk mail, or a page torn from a magazine, or a draft of an old essay. You might use white-out to redact the source text, or a blue sharpie, or a colored pencil that the original words still peek through. You might copy and paste text into a Word document to make your erasure.  
No prior writing experience is necessary. This workshop is for everyone, including avid poets, writers who want to test out a new medium, and anyone who could use a little creative stress reduction. (Erasures are also a great fix for writer’s block! ) Expect a 1-hour demo and hands-on erasure-making workshop, followed by (an optional) 30 mins for practice and Q&A.

To sign up or enquire: hehofling[@]loyola.edu
Zoom link: https://loyola.zoom.us/my/helenhofling