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Erasure Poetry: Writing as Removal   
Date: Tuesday 10/26, 6:00-7:30 p.m.
Instructor: Helen Hofling
Location: MH 038, Writing Lounge

Erasure poems are made by redacting portions of an existing text, creating a poem from what remains. They are fun and simple to make and can yield unexpected, visually satisfying results. Your source text can be anything, so this is a practice that you can return to whenever you want using materials you have around the house, and once you get started, the possibilities are endless. You might transform a piece of junk mail, or a page torn from a magazine, or a draft of an old essay. You might use white-out to redact the source text, or a blue sharpie, or a colored pencil that the original words still peek through. You might copy and paste text into a Word document to make your erasure.   

No prior writing experience is necessary. This workshop is for everyone, including avid poets, writers who want to test out a new medium, and anyone who could use a little creative stress reduction. (Erasures are also a great fix for writer’s block!) Expect a 1-hour demo and hands-on erasure-making workshop, followed by (an optional) 30 mins for practice and Q&A. Materials will be supplied, but feel free to bring your own, too.