Loyola at a Glance

Messina: Loyola's First-Year Experience

Ready to jump into college life? Messina is a unique, first-year experience that will help you adjust quickly to college-level work and forge a clear path to success as a Loyola student. Messina is named for the city in Sicily, Italy, where the Jesuits established their first college to welcome lay students. From your first days on campus, you’ll be connected to a support network that challenges you to think critically, discover your talents, and connect your passions.

School of Education

Ready to serve the current and future needs of your community? At Loyola, our expert faculty will provide you with inspirational teaching, conduct and disseminate innovative scholarship, and actualize social justice practices with school and community partners. Our graduates go on to make a meaningful impact in the fields of initial teacher preparation, educational leadership, educational technology, counselor education, Kodály music education, literacy education, Montessori education, special education, and more.

Students in classroom

Global Studies

As a student in Loyola’s global studies program, you’ll be prepared to lead, learn, and serve in a diverse and rapidly changing world. Loyola’s multidisciplinary approach will enable you to analyze global issues from multiple perspectives: economic, sociological, historical, and political. As a graduate, the global studies program will prepare you for employment in multinational corporations and government agencies, as well as graduate study in international and global studies.

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Clinical Centers

As a student studying at Loyola's state-of-the-art Clinical Centers, you'll learn in an interdisciplinary environment that will provide you with comprehensive, evidence-based clinical training. You'll collaborate with expert faculty and the community in a hands-on experience that will shape you into a compassionate individual committed to enhancing the lives of individuals, families, and communities. As a graduate, the Loyola Clinical Centers will prepare you to be a leader and advocate in the fields of health and education.

Sellinger School of Business

At Loyola's Sellinger School of Business, we’ll poise you for leadership and prepare you to make a difference in the world. Our Jesuit values-centered approach to business emphasizes reflection, global awareness, and ethical commitment. As a Sellinger graduate, you'll discern situations more clearly, understand them more deeply, and view the world from new perspectives.

Study Abroad

As a Loyola student, you'll learn that study abroad isn’t just about taking pictures or seeing the sights, it’s about becoming immersed in a new culture. With opportunities in 13 countries, you’ll learn to lead and serve in a diverse and changing world. Become fully-immersed in a language or learn about business or statistics abroad, Loyola’s study abroad program is suitable for all majors.

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The Study

At The Study, you’ll have the perfect place to work in a quiet and supportive environment. The Study provides comprehensive learning assistance that will prepare you for life inside and outside the classroom. Need help getting ahead? The Study provides peer tutoring, academic success workshops, reading strategies, and organization and time management coaching.
Students studying in The Study

Academics at Loyola

At Loyola, learning takes place both in and out of the classroom. Starting with Messina, a first-year living learning program, students have the opportunity to participate in small, seminar-style classes enriched by a variety of co-curricular activities that support the themes discussed in class. Other students take advantage of service-learning classes, while countless others choose to study abroad during their junior year. Some students participate in our Honors or ROTC programs. While Loyola’s curriculum is rigorous and faculty expectations are high, everyone is here to see you succeed. Faculty often go out of their way to make sure you understand the course materials, how it applies to everyday life, and how your coursework impacts the world. We make sure you have the experiences you need to succeed in life – not just in your profession.