ET 620 is a project-oriented course. Your main focus for this course will be the completion of a significant final project. This project can be done alone or in a group of up to four people, and I strongly recommend that you work in a group. However, due to the differing grade-levels, subject areas, and interests of your colleagues in this class, group projects are not required.

Your grade for this course is based on the following:

Pick-A-Partner PowerPoint 10%
PowerPoint With VBA 20%
Video Project 20%
Final Project Storyboard 10%
Final Project 30%
Class Participation 10%

The Pick-A-Partner PowerPoint is a small project that will use a PowerPoint template provided by the instructor. You will fill in the template with information that will help you and others decide if you want to work together on a final project in this class. Much of the work for this project will be completed in class. This will count for 10% of your final grade. Grading checklist can be found in the assignment

The PowerPoint With VBA Project should be a small project that uses some of the VBA scripts discussed in class to control interactivity in your project. This project is designed to get you comfortable with using VBA in conjunction with PowerPoint, and it will count for 20% of your grade. See the rubric.

The Video Project is an assignment for your students that involves digital video and includes an example video that you create. This project will be done in a group. This will count for 20% of your grade. See the rubric.

The Final Project Storyboard is the initial paper draft of your Final Project. In this write-up, you will lay out what you plan to do for the final project in detail. You will list all slides planned, describe all interactions, and list all media. Clearly the final project will not match the storyboard exactly, but a good plan is a powerful tool for creating a good project. The details will change, but if the basic plan is solid, the final project will be better because of it. The storyboard will count for 10% of your final grade. This project should be done in a group.

The Final Project is a significant interactive multimedia project. It will use basic PowerPoint buttons for simple navigation and VBA scripts for complex interactions, or it will use a substantial amount of media. You will design and implement this project in one of two ways: as a stand-alone unit of instruction that your students will use to learn something; or as a working example that will be part of an assignment for your students to create their own multimedia projects. For the first option, the PowerPoint aspects of your project will be more substantial, and your write-up will consist of a description of the project, a brief justification for the benefits you hope your students will gain from using your project, and a detailed lesson plan that describes how this project fits into a unit of instruction. For the second option, your project will be accompanied by a detailed assignment for your students that involves a clear definition of the project, detailed assessment criteria, and a brief justification for the benefits you hope your students will gain from this project. The Final Project will count for 30% of your final grade. This project should be done in a group. See the rubric.

Finally, this is a participatory class. You are expected to attend all class sessions, participate in class discussions, and practice and work on projects during class work time. Additionally, your work in the video repository will count toward your class participation grade. Class participation will count for 10% of your final grade.

Assignment Due Dates

You may always hand in projects early, and you may wish to do so if you would like feedback from the instructor. If you work on the final project in a group, be sure to agree with your group on a schedule for completing the project. Note that the Final Project Storyboard is due on the second to last class. If you wish to receive feedback from the instructor prior to completing your final project, you are strongly encouraged to hand this in early.

All projects that are due during the course of the semester are due at the beginning of class on the date due. Projects received after the deadline will be counted late with an appropriate reduction in grade (minimum of one full letter grade).

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This page was prepared by Dr. David M. Marcovitz.

Last Updated: May 9, 2013