ET620 Final Project Grading Rubric

All parts of the project work as they should   out of 20 points
Project navigation is clear to the user   out of 5 points
Grammar, spelling, punctuation and usage is correct   out of 5 points
Appropriate use of media elements
  out of 20 points (media-rich)
out of 10 points (VBA)
All media elements other than clip art are cited and evidence is shown of permission being granted for use or permission being sought   out of 10 points
Clear objectives are stated for the project   out of 5 points
Slides look professional, including elements lined up, consistent button shapes and sizes, etc.   out of 10 points
Additions or improvements to the project are described in the write-up.   out of 5 points
Justification for why this project would be better for students than some non-interactive medium.   out of 5 points
Assessment plan (assignment for students only)   out of 10 points
Sufficient complexity and depth of content   out of 15 points (stand-alone)
out of 5 points (assignment)
Appropriate complexity of VBA   out of 10 points (VBA only)

You will present your projects on the last day of class. This is an important part of your class participation grade.

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This page was prepared by Dr. David M. Marcovitz.

Last Updated: May 9, 2013