Video Project

This project works with create portion of the watch, analyze, create model of the Digital Video Model.

In this project, you will create an assignment for your students to create a video, and you will create a brief video example that meets the requirements of the assignment. Video can be used in a large number of ways in the classroom. Some examples include: a video about geometric shapes in the school or community, a safety lesson for the science lab, a mock interview with a famous person from history, a digital story (see, an advertisement/book report for a book, a fun lesson to teach a difficult concept, a video guide for a field trip, a report on a nature walk around the school, a video vocabulary guide where students demonstrate vocabulary words, and much more.

This video can be consist of any or all of the following: new footage that you take yourself, pieces from your video repository, new pieces that you find to add to your video repository, still pictures that you narrate to make a point.

The videos will generally be approximately 3 minutes. While this seems like a short amount of time, creating and editing a longer video is likely to take too much time out of your classroom.

In your assignment for the students, you will want to guide them through a process to develop their videos. Creating a video is a form of design so following the DDD-E design model is a good way to go. Alternatively, a large portion of video creation is like writing so you might be more comfortable following a writing process. You may use our class handout about preparing student projects as a helpful guide as well as our class text book.

Your video can be serious, or it can be fun and silly, but it should serve as an example of the kind of work you would accept from your students. For example, a video might be a serious look at the rules of the science lab or it could be a silly treatment of what happens when you don't follow the rules. Either could be acceptable as long as they meet the objective of demonstrating competence with the rules of the science lab.

If you are a classroom teacher in a school with a technology teacher, this kind of project is a great way to interact with the technology teacher and the work being done in computer class. Don't hesitate to plan to have the implementation of this project be joint work between your classroom and the technology teacher.

This project will be completed in groups of 2-5 students. Prior to creating your example video, create the objectives for your classroom assignment and spend some time in the Design phase planning what you want the video to show.

Your project will consist:

You will hand in all work in electronic format, possibly on a CD (only if the video is not appropriate for loading on YouTube). This project will be graded with this rubric.

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