Ella Shoshana Marcovitz

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May 2007

Kindergarten Graduation 2003

Ella and Ada Ballet 2003

October 1999 through February 2000


What's So Funny?

Sitting on the Porch

Sittin' on the Sandbox



I think...

August and September 1999



Jump! (with Allison)

Ella and Tyler Like Fingers

Zaydie and Ella

Ride a Horse To Boston

I did it all by myself

What's Up?

Those are big shoes to fill

Reading With Mommy


July 1999, Pictures Courtesy of Uncle Josh

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Let her eat cake...

Good night, Grannie Annie

Kicky Feet With Daddy

More Kicky Feet

Ella Takes a Drink

Shovels and Rakes and Implements of Destruction

Grannie Annie and Ella

Grannie Annie and Ella


High Tech Toys

In San Francisco

May, 1999

In Sunglasses

October, 1998

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