Digital Communication in the Classroom

PLN Project

You are a technology leader. Part of your role is to help connect teachers in your school to resources both within and outside of your school. This goes beyond connecting them to a particular technological resource or article, but also to connect them to other people. For this project, you are going to explore Professional Learning Networks (PLNs) and create a resource for teachers in your school. This resource will have four parts:

  1. An overview of PLNs with example communities
  2. Information about how to find PLNs outside of your school
  3. Information about how to create PLNs within your school
  4. Information about your own PLN as an example
You may organize your resource however you like, but you must include information about all of the above. This project must be completed in the form of a Web site, and it should be publicly accessible so you can use it with your colleagues.

As part of this project, you will form a PLN within our class. This will be a group of five (or fewer) class members who will create a means of ongoing communication. You may choose to communicate with your Class PLN via any technology you like, including but not limited to Twitter, Blogs, Pinterest, etc. You will also include your instructor in any PLN that you create. The Class PLN should be ongoing communication throughout the semester about professional practice, including this and other projects for ET630. It is expected that each person will post something to the PLN at least 12 times during the semester.

As part of creating your resource, you should develop your own PLN. You may discuss your journey through developing a PLN. By the time you turn in this project, your PLN will not be complete (because it will never be complete), but you should have a good start connecting with a variety of learning communities. A description of your person PLN will be included on your Web resource as an example for teachers in your school. You may find networks via a variety of technologies, including, but not limited to: Note that you are creating this resource for a wide range of teachers in your school. You are likely to have an overemphasis on things that are the most interest to you (such as educational technology), but you should keep in mind the variety of other teachers in your school who should find this resource useful.

Remember that the part of this assignment is to explore professional learning networks and share with your Class PLN, learning new things over time and writing about what you discover.  Hopefully, many of you will continue to update your resource and stay in touch with your Class PLN long after the end of this course.

Minimum Grading Criteria

If the minimum grading criteria are met, you will receive a B for this assignment. The grade of A is reserved for outstanding work that goes beyond the minimum criteria. See the rubric for more details about grading criteria.

What To Hand In

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