Digital Communication in the Classroom

Plan-A-Project Project

The intent of this project is for you to plan how your own telecollaborative project for which you will invite other participants. If you are planning to participate in someone else's telecollaborative project, then you should look at the Participate Project.

Note about Ed Tech Standards

This project is often used to fulfill the Technology for Diversity standard in the Pre-Internship Portfolio. You could complete this project without meeting this standard, but you might want to have this standard in mind when preparing the project.

F. Technology for Diversity
Technology can be a powerful tool for affirming cultural diversity. As a technology facilitator, you should be mindful of the variety of technologies that increase global understanding and affirm cultural diversity.

  • Facilitate students’ use of technology that addresses their social needs and cultural identity and promotes their interaction with the global community.
  • Select and apply current and emerging technology resources to affirm diversity and address cultural and languages differences.

Implementing Internet projects in your classroom requires a great deal of planning. Chapter 4 of the textbook describes the process of planning a project. Follow these steps to plan an original multi-classroom project. Follow the steps in detail as if you are actually going to carry out the project (hopefully, you will carry out the project with your students next semester, but that is not a requirement for this class). Document all the steps you took or plan to take in your report, including:

This plan should be detailed enough so that you will know exactly what you are doing if you choose to do the project.

Minimum Grading Criteria

If the minimum grading criteria are met, you will receive a B for this assignment. The grade of A is reserved for outstanding work that goes beyond the minimum criteria. See the rubric for more details about grading criteria.

What To Hand In

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