Project Compare Grading Rubric

In order to receive an A on this project, all categories must be in the "Meets Expectations" column and two categories must reach the "Exceeds Expectations" column. Note that the items listed under "Exceeds Expectations" are only suggestions; you may find other ways to exceed the expectations. If all categories are listed as "Meets Expectations," your grade will be B.

Below Expectations Meets Expectations Exceeds Expectations
(these are suggestions; you might find other ways to exceed expectations)
Number Reviewed fewer than four projects. Reviewed four different telecollaborative projects.
  • Reviewed six or more different telecollaborative projects.
  • Reviewed four or more projects, at least two of which are medium- or high-impact projects projects, requiring a significant commitment on the part of your classroom.
Objectives Described objectives of the projects but not how they match your classroom's objectives.
Compared the objectives of your classroom to the objectives of the projects. 
  • Planned in some detail how you might use some of the projects in your classroom.
Project Background Based your information on a brief summary of the projects, rather than looking in detail at the projects' material. Looked in depth into the projects beyond a brief summary of the projects.
  • Got additional information from some of the projects' organizers.
  • Got additional information from some of the projects' past participants.
Resources NeededMentioned resources.Described what technology and other resources you would need to complete each of the projects.(none)
Web Page You have created this lesson in the form of a Web page, but you have many errors on your page. Or you have pages in your site that should be Web pages but are not.You have created this lesson in the form of a Web page (even if you would hand it out to students on paper) that includes correct HTML tags (although it is not required that you use HTML to create the page). All pages are created in the form of a Web page (except possibly a couple of pages where a Web page doesn't make as much sense as a Word or other type of file). Hint: don't leave something as a Word document out of laziness, but don't force something to be a Web page when it naturally should be some other type of document. (none)
Grammar, Spelling, and Usage The number of grammar, spelling, and usage errors exceeds a few. Correct grammar, spelling, and usage is used throughout the project (none)
Extraordinary Quality

The project is extremely well done in ways that don't fit into the other categories. This will be used rarely but allows the instructor to assign a higher grade for work that is of very high quality.
Last update: May 10, 2015