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The following web pages were created by ET 630 students. These pages were created to fulfill one or more class project requirements of ET 630. However, many of these pages have been updated since the course, and many were created to far exceed the requirements of the course because they were being used for real purposes beyond ET 630. Additionally, the requirements for these projects have changed over the semesters, so some of these projects might not match the current project requirements.

Fall 2017 Janiszewski Section

Summer 2017 Marcovitz Section

Summer 2017 Jansizewski Section

Summer 2016 Marcovitz Section

Summer 2016 Janiszewski Section

Spring 2016

Summer 2015

Summer 2014

Spring 2013

Summer 2012

Spring 2012

Fall 2010

Summer 2010

Fall 2008

Summer 2008

Summer 2007

Summer 2006

Summer 2005

Fall 2004

Spring 2003

Fall 2000

Spring 1999

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