Final Exam

As your groups (3-credit course) do projects, you may decide how to divide up the work. However, this is a technology class, so the last class will be dedicated to a final exam. The exam will test individual's technology skills. As you work on your group (3-credit) or individual (1-credit) projects be sure that each member of your group is familiar with the basics of the technologies used in your projects. This will be an open-book open-notes exam on technology skills. It will be a hands-on exam in which you will be asked to demonstrate the basics of certain technologies. The following is a list of technologies you should know and specific skills that might be covered on the exam. This list might be modified during the semester to eliminate some of the technologies and/or skills. Be sure that you can perform the tasks or use the skills listed below it. If you cannot, get help from your classmates, from the professor, or from other resources.

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This page was prepared by Dr. David M. Marcovitz.

Last Updated: January 3, 2014