Using Moodle to Hand In Your Exit Ticket

  1. Compress/Zip your Web site folder after you have completed the exit ticket. To do this, find your Web site folder, right-click on it and choose Send To and Compressed (zipped) file from the menu. When uploading the exit ticket, be sure to upload the compressed/zipped file, not the original folder.
  2. Login to Moodle ( using your regular Loyola username and password.
  3. Find the assignment "Snow Exit Ticket" listed under Class 3 for our class, and click on it
  4. Click on the button labeled "Add Submission."
  5. Either
    1. Drag the zipped folder to the area marked "You can drag and drop files here to add them" with the blue arrow, and click "Save Changes."
    2. Or click on "Add…," then click on "Upload a file," and click on the "Browse" button and browse the computer for your compressed/zipped file. Then click "Save Changes."