Project Presentations for Learning Activity

ET 605

One of the requirements for ET 605 is a project presentation. (This is separate from the Tech Resource Project Presentation.) This is not intended to be stressful or to add a significant burden to your already busy schedules. This is an opportunity for you to show off some of your work (one project) to the rest of the class. This assignment is ungraded. The only way it can affect your grade is if you fail to do it. If you do not present a project to the class, your final class grade will be lowered by one full letter grade (as stated in the syllabus).

Your group should pick one learning activity that you have created and present it to the class. Presentations times will be available at various points throughout the semester (generally, the 9th and 12th classes). This is a good opportunity to make classmates aware of resources, skills, or techniques that might be interesting and useful to them.

Presentations can take the form of simple "show and tell" sessions or be set up as interactive sessions, possibly having the class participate in part of your learning activity. Presentations should be a minimum of 20 minutes, and interactive presentations can take up to 1 hour (depending upon availability in the schedule).

Each member of the group must participate in the presenation in some way.

You do not need to use any special technology to make your presentation, but it is probably best to show something. You will have access to the presentation station at the front of the classroom to show anything that you wish to show on the computer.

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This page was prepared by Dr. David M. Marcovitz.

Last Updated: August 25, 2014