Newsletter Assignment
Exploring a Tree
A Mini-Lesson Integrating Technology into the Curriculum

NETS-S Standards: 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b, 2c, 3b, 6b
Science Standards (Grades K-4): A1, C3

You will be working in groups of three or four. Each group will be given a leaf from a tree (or a picture of a leaf). To find out who is in your group and to exchange files, go to the class Moodle site (via Click on ET605 to get to our course. The groups are listed under this week. Find your group members in the physical classroom.

As a group, visit the Web site:

Use the tools on this site to figure out from which tree your leaf came. It is possible that some of the leaves are not listed on the site. Do not panic. For this assignment, you can find the closest match and use that (in your real classroom, you would want to be sure to use leaves that are there).

Each member of your group will write approximately one article about your tree based on the information you find at this site and other sites on the Web. You may divide up the information any way you want, but you might want to have one person write about the leaf, one person write about the fruit, and one person write a general introduction. If you are working in a group of four, you might have one person write a short story about the tree. Be sure to cite the sources of the information you use ( Each article should be approximately 200-300 words long (see the Short-Time Notice if we do not have much time). Note that some of the information at the site is rather sparse so you will have to find outside resources.

When each member finishes writing the articles, each member should transmit the article to the other members (via email, via Moodle, via flash drive, etc.). Each member will now create his/her own two-page newsletter (see Short Time Notice if time is short). Be sure that your newsletter meets the following criteria:

Hand in an electronic copy of the newsletter (not the articles file) by going to Moodle, entering the course, and clicking on the Newsletter Assignment listed under this week's class. Before you upload your file, be sure the file name starts with your last name.

While some of you will finish your newsletters in class, everyone should be sure that you have gotten your article(s) to your classmates before you leave and that you have, at least, started to create the newsletter. Note that this is just for practice, not a graded assignment, so don’t spend too much time outside of class perfecting it.

SHORT TIME NOTE: If we are running late and do not have a significant amount of time to work on this in class, be sure to get your articles to your group mates before you leave. However, make articles shorter (about 100-150 words) and make the newsletter 1 page instead of 2.

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Last updated: January 3, 2014