Web 2.0 Grading Rubric

In order to receive an A on this project, all categories must be in the "Meets Expectations" column and two categories must reach the "Exceeds Expectations" column. Note that the items listed under "Exceeds Expectations" are only suggestions; you may find other ways to exceed the expectations. If all categories are listed as "Meets Expectations," your grade will be B.

Below Expectations Meets Expectations Exceeds Expectations
(these are suggestions; you might find other ways to exceed expectations)
On time A blog is created with a welcome message after 2nd class of the semester A blog is created with a welcome message by the 2nd class of the semester (afternoon of first class for all-day summer classes). The blog is open for everyone to read (you may choose how to handle comments). (none)
Number of Entries One or more technologies has fewer than two entries, or fewer than three Web 2.0 technologies are discussed, or most entries are made on the same date.
At least two entries are made for each of three Web 2.0 technologies, and the entries are made on, at least, three different dates.
  • A more in-depth approach is taken for at least one of the technologies, potentially showing growth of understanding and/or use over time
  • Four or more technologies are discussed and the discussions meet or exceed the other guidelines
Technical and Educational Uses One or more technologies do not have information about technical features and/or educational uses or links to external resources
Entries include descriptions of the technology, examples of your use of the technology, suggestions for use in an educational context,and links to external resources about using the technology (hint, think a bit about how some of these technologies can be used in telecollaborative projects). Educational uses refer to technology and/or content standards that can be met with the technology.
  • One or more technologies are discussed in a detailed way that demonstrates that you are ready to use this technology with your students to fulfill technology and/or content standards
Examples Some technologies do not have examples of your use linked An example of your use of each technology is linked from the blog
  • Extensive examples of your use of one or more technologies is linked from the blog, demonstrating an in-depth understanding of the technology
  • Includes examples of each technology that are ready for you to use in your classroom (i.e., examples that you might actually share with your students)
Links to Classmates' Blogs You do not link to one or more of your classmates' blogs or do not link to it correctly A correct link is made to each of your classmates' blogs in a separate link area of the blog template (not in a blog entry)
  • Makes extensive comments on classmates' blogs (point out which ones so I can find them). "Extensive" generally means multiple comments on most of your classmates' blogs that go beyond "That's a cool tool."
Grammar, Spelling, and UsageThe number of grammar, spelling, and usage errors exceeds a fewCorrect grammar, spelling, and usage is used throughout the blog(none)
Extraordinary Quality

  • The project is extremely well done in ways that don't fit into the other categories. This will be used rarely but allows the instructor to assign a higher grade for work that is of very high quality.

Last updated: June 4, 2014