Issue Paper

Choose the most important issue that a technology leader should address in your school and describe how you would address that issue. Include new policies or procedures that would be needed to address the issue. This paper could be about any of several issues. You will not be judged on the issue itself, but how well you address the issue and your justification for why this issue is more important than other issues. Example issues might include, cyberbullying, copyright and/or software piracy, acceptable use policies, equitable access to technology resources, etc. As you have seen in class, there are many other issues that could be addressed so do not view this list as exhaustive.

For the issue you choose, you should:

This project is individualized based on the specific issue you choose. That is why there are no specific page requirements. Some issues might require longer policies while others might require shorter policies. However, your paper is likely to fall in the 10-15 page range.

Educational Technology Standards

It is not required that this paper specifically address any of the Educational Technology Standards. However, this paper might be a good opportunity to review the standards and create an artifact that addresses one of them in whole or in part, particularly standards related to equity.

Group Work

This project may be done alone or with one other person. Candidates who are not currently teaching might consider teaming up with a current teacher, but it is not required.

Grading Criteria

The exact nature of your project will vary based on your own situation. Projects will tend toward an A if they are presented professionally with proper grammar, spelling, and usage; if they demonstrate an understanding of the kinds of issues faced by the technology leader, and show a thorough understanding of the specific issue chosen by creating thoughtful policies and procedures to help resolve the issue. Click here to view the rubric that will be used for grading this paper.

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