Module 1 - Planning for Change with Technology

Initial Technological Change Discussion - February 17-19

Introduction to Technology Innovation Theory - February 17

Donald Ely Reading - February 17-21

ACOT Reading - February 21-24

Case Study - Leslie Ammann Internship - February 24-27

Surry Paper: Diffusion Theory, February 28-March 3

    1. Do you believe in an instrumentalist or determinist view of technology?
    2. Does superior technology always win? Name an example from your school and an example from life in general in which superior technology did not win. Why do you think the "inferior" technology won?

Case Study - Sarah McGuire Internship - March 1-5

Information to Share: School Technology Plan

Information to Share: School Technology Committee

Stakeholders - Complete by March 13

Vision - Complete by March 13

Action Plan - Complete by March 13

Case Study - March 9-13

Technology Planning Project Due - March 20

Project details can be found on the class Web site under Technology Planning Paper

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