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ET 680 is a discussion and issue oriented class. 15% of the class grade will be awarded for online and in-class participation. Students are expected to reflect on their current and potential roles in the schools and discuss those roles with the class (both electronically and in class) in light of issues presented in class. As part of these discussions, students are expected to bring material and information as "Information to Share." All electronic class discussion are required (unless otherwise noted) and failure to participate in any discussion will result in a full letter grade deduction for each one missed from the class participation grade and a smaller deduction for participation after the deadline. In addition, students are expected to complete three papers.

Note that dates on the syllabus are subject to change.Also note that some project deadlines may be established late in the semester to give you the maximum flexibility. Do not wait until the deadlines to complete your projects.

Information to Share

As part of class discussions, students are expected to bring material and information as "Information to Share." Some of the "Information to Share" will be documents (such as your school's technology plan), and some will be information (such as how your school's technology committee operates). For some of you, this task will be very easy as you might have easy access to this information (you might have created it yourself). For others, this might be difficult. Do the best that you can. Two roadblocks that you might run into:

(1) You do not currently work in a school. If this is the case, you can either adopt a school (this could work well if you have close ties to a school, possibly a school that one of your own children attends), or you can search for comparable information on the Internet. For example, there are many technology plans on the Internet.

(2) The information does not exist for your school. For example, you might not have an acceptable use policy or a technology plan. If this is the case, you should discuss this with key players in your school (such as technology committee members, the principal, etc.). Find out if there are any drafts of what you are looking for or why the information does not exist. Keep in mind that as the technology specialist (even if that is not currently your position), you are likely to create this information and documentation in the future, so it is critical that you have the appropriate background about what does and does not exist and why.

When asked to share documents, you do not need to provide copies of the documents to the class. You should be able to discuss the form and content of the documents with the class.

"Information to Share" should not require excessive amounts of time. This information will provide important information for class discussions and is likely to provide important background for your projects. As a guide, you should expect to spend approximately 1 to 2 hours gathering and processing each piece of "Information to Share." Those of you with easy access to this information might spend less time. Those of you with poor access to this information should avoid spending significantly more time (except for your own personal benefit or for use as part of one of your projects).

"Information to Share" will not constitute a separate class grade but will be a part of your class participation grade. The "Information to Share" that you should gather consists of:


Each student is required to do three papers with the breakdown of grades as follows:

% of Grade
Planning Paper
Funding Paper
Issue Paper
Online Activities and Class Participation

These projects are designed to apply some of the issues discussed in class to your situation. You may be required to present one project to the class the last week of class.

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