Agenda: Class 1011

ET 690 Educational Technology Seminar

This, then, is the double truth: we are free to express our own preferences, tendencies, and choices when using PowerPoint, which is itself an expression of these choices; and as a highly effective expression of choices already made, PowerPoint can influence us 'from outside,' nudging us further in certain unhealthy directions. --Stephen L. Talbott, "Where Does the User End and PowerPoint Begin"

Yesterday my eleven-year old son and I were hiking in a remote wood. He was leading. He spotted [a] four-foot rattlesnake in the trail about six feet in front of us. We watched it for quite some time before going around it. When we were on the way home, he commented that this was the best day of his life. He was justifiably proud of the fact that he had been paying attention and had thus averted an accident, and that he had been able to observe this powerful, beautiful, and sinister snake. Barry Angell, the father, then asked exactly the right question: "I wonder how many armchair nature-watchers have seen these dangerous snakes on the tube and said 'this is the best day of my life." --Stephen L. Talbott, "Meetings With a Snake"

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