Science Education Sites on the Internet

The following is a list of sites that might be of interest to science teachers. This is not a complete list of sites, but it is intended to give you a flavor of the wide range of resources available for science on the Internet. To go to a particular site, click on the name of the site. Have a good time.

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Internet Projects in Science

Journey North -
This project, sponsored by the Annenberg/CPB Projects, studies the coming of Fall and Spring in the northern hemisphere, including the migration patterns of various animals. The project is free, but to receive a printed copy of the Teacher's Manual costs money (hint: check out the online version of the Teacher's Manual at This is mainly geared to students in grades 4-8 but can be done with students at all K-12 levels.
Seasonal Change Through our Eyes and Yours -
This teacher-created project has students observe and record the changes in a tree, clothing, temperatures, and sunrise and sunset times in three different seasons. Data from participants is aggregated and analyzed.
The World Weather Watch Project -
This is a project for K-12 classrooms in which classrooms collect weather data, share that data with partner schools, and work with the partner schools to analyze the data. The project seems to be on hiatus, but you can check out the Web site anyway. This project is now defunct, but the Web site still exists.

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Compiled by David M. Marcovitz, Ph.D.
Last updated: January 14, 2013